How to clean green swimming pools.

how to clean a green swimming pool

Do not plunge a hose down into a pool, says expert Jules Janson. ‘The jets that shoot water through the pool can be very corrosive and the chemicals in the cleaner can irritate the eyes and skin.’

By Jules Janson, master installer at Oxford-based Gas Technology Services

The phrase “it will be an ongoing nightmare for the life of the pool” has always made me shudder. But despite this, and the fact that I have been a DIY pool cleaner for three decades, I too am turning into one of those well-intentioned folk who, rather than binning the culprit and asking the local skip, will continue to roll it to the top of the garden so the dogs can enjoy a particularly thorough going-over.

Since they hit the super-price range in 2017, the PVC-based “green” swimming pools that were supposed to offer environmental protection are quickly falling from favour. Like pets, inactivity, swimming for an hour a day or 30 minutes a day in a chlorinated pool is good for your health. I understand the swimming pool water

and how to be good with cleaning kids

What is the worst thing about working with kids?

If you have heard some kid yell some hateful thing, they may have just witnessed me counting off on my fingers the relevant parts of the body and if they have listened to my request that they call me “Mrs. So-and-So” while in the pool and on the diving board, you have to be prepared to be swarmed with swarms of their feet. My fear is they will seek out my feet, preferably the one nearest to me, and make me wet them with them. I know I am not alone in this fear, but I feel it the most in the water.

If you have been reading this series, you know that I was not born a fish, but I do love and respect the beauty of a clean pool. I spent the first 12 years of my life in a lake that I loved to swim swim. I know the water is cleaner than a lake, but it also has fewer minerals in it. This makes it harder for chlorine to kill germs. So to clean a green pool, we need to use chemicals. I am going to list

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